Policy Journal

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Welcome to policy by and for tufts students

The Tufts Policy Journal is a new launch pioneered by CIVIC which will focus on compiling policy work by Tufts students. 

Submissions can be made through email, google form, or through the contact page of this website.

What to submit?

We will be accepting submissions in a variety of formats, including op-eds, research pieces, and essays on a variety of topics.

On what basis will submissions be accepted?

As this is the first year we will be publishing a policy journal, this question cannot be answered in full until we work through the process of accepting submissions. We will be looking for submissions on a variety of topics and from a variety of viewpoints, so if we receive many submissions on a popular topic, we will have to be a bit pickier about what we include. All submissions, however, will be vetted by the CIVIC e-board and will be fact-checked.