Policy Challenge


compete to write fun and innovative policy

The annual CIVIC Policy Challenge was first launched in spring 2018, offering an innovative and fun way for students to experience the policy making process without having to leave campus. The CIVIC Policy Challenge takes the mission of CIVIC, fostering civil, multipartisan dialogue, and expands it to a day long event. Tackling the most pressing topics on college campuses, the CIVIC Policy Challenge enables students to get hands on policy writing experience in the fields that affect them most: campus free speech, admissions policies, housing policies, etc... Participants are taught the complexities of the issue at hand and receive the necessary skills to transform their understanding into an actual policy proposal. 

The event includes workshops and brainstorming time for students to work together to address the policy question at hand. At the end, teams each pitch their proposal to a panel of experts from the the Tufts community and beyond. The winning team will get special access to Tisch Distinguished Speaker events.

Note: Lunch and coffee are provided.

For inquiries about the event, reach out to Daniel.Lewis@tufts.edu