Upcoming Projects

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We are very excited about all that we have planned for this semester and the coming year as a whole. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of upcoming projects so that you have an idea of what we'll be up to beyond just planning meetings. We will continue to use Facebook as well as our events page to advertise future events, but feel free to refer to this post or our projects tab in order to better understand what we are planning.

Suggestions? Further questions? Feel free to CONTACT us at any point.


Policy Journal

The policy journal will consist of student policy related content.

CIVIC's Policy Journal is a new project that we will be launching this semester. It will consist of essays, research projects, opinion pieces, and other policy related content by students and for students. We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis until late November. We encourage students to find topics which interest them and about which they are excited, and then to write a piece to be featured in our new Policy Journal. Essays and papers written for school assignments are absolutely encouraged, though we will cap the length around 5-8 pages. All political ideologies and topics are welcome and anyone of any year is welcome to submit!

Please note: CIVIC will be fact-checking all pieces selected for publication and the submissions will be chosen by e-board consensus. 

Want to submit? Follow this link to be connected to the form!


Policy Challenge

Students divide into teams and have a set amount of time to submit a policy proposal on a given topic.

This year will mark the second Policy Challenge in CIVIC history, with a new topic, new participants, and new judges. The Policy Challenge is an event modeled after a hack-a-thon where students are given a set amount of time to solve a policy problem, generally with a university level focus. Each policy proposal will then be presented to a panel of judges selected for their work and study in that given area. Last year, the topic was about free speech at Tufts campus. Stay tuned to learn what this year's topic will be!

Want to be involved? Everyone is welcome! Apply to be part of the team putting this event together.


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Bring conversation and debate to other college campuses today!

CIVIC is always looking to make more student-led discussion groups a fixture at other universities. We are currently working on expanding CIVIC's goals and language to other universities around the country and seeking to create a coalition of such organizations which can foster conversation and cooperation. 

Know of a school or student who might be interested? Be sure to let us know!